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PackRite Continuous Hand Rotary Heat Sealer
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The PackRite Continuous Hand Rotary Heat Sealer is portable, light in weight, and adaptable to on-the-job sealing. The Hand Rotary Heat Sealer delivers a high quality, airtight seal which meets MIL Specs, and is currently in use by Military packagers throughout the world. It's portability makes the Hand Rotary Sealer one of the fastest, most easy-to-use heat sealers available.

Thermo Jaw SealerThermo Jaw Sealer Stand

Thermo Jaw Sealer  Optional Stand

The PackRite Thermo Jaw Sealer is an economical, easy-to-use jaw-type sealer operated by foot-pedal. Heavy-duty heating elements and half brass sealing bars in the upper and lower jaws provide uniform and sufficient penetration to achieve a high quality, airtight seal. It comes with an adjustable thermostat to assure superior seal integrity. Contracted of the highest quality materials, the Thermo Jaw Sealer is made to withstand continuous usage, day after day. It's design simplicity allows it to be mounted either flat, or in optional incline and vertical positions. Adjustable foot-pedal assembly comes standard with the sealer. Stainless steel finger guards built to OSHA specs add to the machine's safety features.

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