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Frequently Asked Questions: 

Q) How can I keep my products dry during shipment?
A) We would recommend using a Moisture Barrier Bag and a packet of Silica Gel inside each of your bags. The Moisture Barrier Bag will keep the environment dry and the Silica Gel packet will absorb any excess moisture that might already be in the bag when sealed.

Q) What is the difference between a Poly and Aluminized barrier bag?

A) The 4 Mil and 6 Mil poly barrier bags are good for most standard applications, these are more durable and moisture resistant then a standard zip top bag. Aluminized bags provide the best protection against moisture, these bags provide some of the lowest Moisture Vapor Transmissions Rates on the market and are idea for your product that might be highly sensitive to moisture.

Q) Do you offer expedited shipping?
A) Our free shipping is via ground service within the USA. If you need these more promptly, we offer additional expedited shipping options during checkout for an additional fee.

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Moisture Barrier Poly Bags:

4 MIL Recloseable
6 MIL Recloseable

Static Shielding & Barrier:
3.6 MIL Aluminized Barrier
6.1 MIL Foil Barrier Bag

Barrier Bag Sealers:
Vacuum Sealer
Heat Sealer

Desiccant Products:
Silica Gel Packets
Clay Desiccant Packets
Humidity Indicator Cards
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